We are the nation’s leading dealership technology consultant.
We helped over 7,000 car and truck dealers in the US and Canada to dramatically reduce technology expenses and acquire the right system with the best price and terms. That makes us the most-trusted dealership technology advisor in North America.
Our scrupulous independence ensures best discounts and terms.
Unlike other consultants we are independent! We don’t receive any compensation from vendors or have any other financial relationship. This is the only way to eliminate conflicts of interest and guarantee the best discounts and terms.
Our unbiased research gives our dealer partners a clear advantage.
The institute is committed to sharing the knowledge we have gained from helping so many dealers. Since 1992 we appeared in 500+ dealership technology seminars and we are regularly featured in NADA and NCM 20 Groups, ADA’s, AICPA and others.
Our systematic approach uncovers hidden costs and expenses.
We look at each component of a deal and help dealers understand the total costs of ownership. With our analytics we protect dealers from overpayment, service duplication from 3rd parties, price increases and other abuses.
Our unique benchmarks show what others pay for technology.
Our one-of-a-kind benchmarks build the starting point for every negotiation and tell dealers what others pay for technology. We track pricing of over 13,000 items from 300+ vendors. Hundreds of real-life transactions every week feed our database and enable only us to provide fair-market value benchmarks. That guarantees the most accurate recommendations!
Our proven method delivers reliable advice that dealers can actually use.
Having access to so many dealers allows only us to share industry-representative insights about DMS, CRM, Phones and other dealership systems. Together with our 100+ years of combined dealership technology experience we provide an unbiased veteran perspective that makes our advice reliable and the difference in our dealer’s negotiations.
As a true dealer partner we guarantee satisfaction and results.
Providing our dealers with the highest possible value means everything to us. That’s why we guarantee we will save more money than dealers pay for our services. What other consultant makes that claim? We also stay with our dealers, at no additional charge, over the term of the technology contract to cover system add-ons and any other issue that might arise.
We can advise from behind the scenes or negotiate on behalf of our dealers.
Have you ever been in a delicate situation with your vendor? No movement on the price, false invoicing, or simply lack of support? If you want us to, we can contact your vendor directly to negotiate or de-escalate any issue. Of course, the dealer’s team makes all final decisions. We consider it our duty to be sure they have all the information they need to make the best choices.