Providing decision makers with invaluable technology insights is deeply embedded in our corporate DNA. As an institute we are both committed to unbiased market research and sharing the knowledge we have gained from helping over 7,000 car and truck dealers in the US and Canada. Our comprehensive research process and best-practice consulting approach build the base for delivering profound and yet executable recommendations. Our experts appeared in over 500 seminars and webinars over the years and we are regularly featured at NADA and NCM 20 Groups, ADA’s, AICPA, DealersEdge, and others. We deliver compelling insights that will help dealers negotiate for technology with confidence and achieve substantial savings.

Wow. Excellent. Super Good. It was one of the best. One simple word – invaluable! Paul should be invited back. Every dealer needs to hear him.
M. G., California
Yes! Great subject for the dealers to openly discuss – Computers have become a top 5 expense at the dealership – Needs more attention and focus.
D. P., New Jersey
Great topic. Bring this guy back. Very helpful!
K. L., New York
Paul Gillrie’s negotiating seminar communicates real life experiences that the group can relate to. He has a high energy presentation and good comic interjection.
K. B., CPA, Ohio
Paul Gillrie showed us many ways to save money! He is an excellent speaker with a passion for his topics. He gives many inside tips and negotiating techniques.
R. A., New Jersey
Best seminar I have ever attended.
B. K., California

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