Project Description

Tom’s Truck Center – Improved Workflow and Contact Visibility: Switching to a Mitel VoIP Phone System

The Situation:

Tom’s Truck Center was founded in 1949 and specializes in both new and used medium duty and work trucks, parts and service, and full truck customization. The company runs a Kia Depot, the Carmenita Truck Center, a technical support center, a service center, used truck sales, and also new truck sales from its headquarter in Santa Ana, CA. Currently Tom’s Truck Center sells more truck parts than any other dealer in the United States. Over the course of an average day, the dealer manages more than 2,000 inbound calls. Due to a steady growth of revenue and phone call volume, Tom’s Truck Center added different locations with different phone systems over the years; this situation led to a disjointed customer communications approach and also inefficiencies in workflow and call visibility. The dealer decided to rebuild from the ground up.

What we did:

Tom’s Truck Center required a unified and simplified phone system design. Due to higher revenue and customer expectations, the new system was also required to provide a set of advanced features – such as call reporting, real-time call monitoring, contact center applications, complex call queuing, CRM integration, and mobile applications – that would get important information to customers and employees faster and help ensure quality customer service at all times. As with every phone project, we initiated a kickoff meeting with the dealer to identify the needs and preferences regarding functionality and price points. Together with the dealership team, the Gillrie Institute invited six different resellers offering a variety of manufactures and delivery models (hosted, onsite, and hybrid approach). Bidding channeling partners included certified partners for Cisco, Shoretel, and Mitel telephone systems. During the selection process, we reviewed over ten different proposals with significant differences in the configuration and compared those apples-to-apples against one another. We provided detailed feedback about the given features and software licenses, included equipment like gigabyte switches, endpoint count, phone models, extended warranty, software assurance, and support policies. After reviewing the quotes regarding pricing and specifications, we provided the resellers with instructions to revise the proposals to reflect a more suitable approach. Besides ensuring the design was adequate and in line with the customer expectations, we evaluated the resellers themselves to ensure that they had the expertise and manpower to handle a project of such scale. Once the quotes were aligned with the dealer’s preferences we assisted the decision team to narrow down the choices and negotiate the final pricing. With the help of our Gillrie Benchmarks we were able to show the dealer what others pay for the same technology and build the negotiation plan. After the dealer and reseller agreed on the final pricing, we provided an addenda request for finalizing the contract and protecting a great deal.

What we achieved:

Tom’s Truck Center now enjoys a communications platform, provided by Mitel, that can drive customer retention and loyalty with much-improved customer service capabilities. Built on the MiVoice Business and MiContact Center, as well as distributed 3300 MXE and CX controllers, the system offers the right redundancy, scalability, and functionality to respond rapidly to customer needs – whether it is a new truck purchase, used truck sale, servicing clients’ existing trucks, or manning the technical support center.In the heart of the new telephone system is the MiContact Center solution that manages 35 ACD agents and enables executives to have their fingers on the pulse of their clients. It delivers a robust contact center, IVR, multi-media functionality, and in-depth reporting tool. Instead of working with historical reporting to track call volume and missed opportunities, the management team from Tom’s Truck Center is now in a position to monitor call center performance indicators in real time and forecast call data. This will help to streamline operations and align the processes with the envisioned communications workflow.Tom’s Truck Center also upgraded to improved email integration for voicemails, mobility through Find Me Follow Me, easy-to-use call recording, better caller queues, four-digit extension dialing, backup Internet connections, and an online portal to easily manage the phone settings. For support, the dealer preferred a tier-II model allowing the reseller Blue Violet Networks (BVN) to remotely support Tom’s Truck phones system and equipment. The sensitive equipment (e.g. the 3300 controllers) is on replacement warranty plans. The contract with BVN also includes Software Assurance and annual upgrades, system training, and fixed rates for on-site visits and phone replacements.