Project Description

OC Auto Team – Improved Scalability, Redundancy And Call Management: Converting to a VoIP Phone System

The Situation:

Before OC Auto Team opened its new store they had done exactly what every dealer should have done: updated the dealership’s network for DMS and voice data. The challenge at hand was then, to build on the unified IT infrastructure and upgrade the telephony platform by moving it to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) environment. Because the OC Auto Team did not necessarily require the integration between DMS and telephone system for creating potential window pop-ups in the DMS user interface, the dealer was not tied to the DMS provider’s IP phone offering.

What we did:

As the dealer team had considerable flexibility regarding the implementation of the IP phone system, we helped to invite local, regional and national phone channeling partners to present bids on the various offerings from Shoretel, Mitel and Avaya. We reviewed and analyzed the resulting detailed proposals and each company’s Bill of Material (BOM) in the dual contexts of suitability and cost relative to the benchmarks we had established by working with many other dealers across the U.S. and Canada.

Our simplified “apples-to-apples” reports to our client compared the “distributed” and “centralized” VoIP offerings and presented comprehensive understanding of the total costs of each over the long term. We supported the dealer’s decision team to challenge the several vendors to eliminate redundant equipment and unnecessary licenses, and further refine the proposals for our client’s particular needs. As OC Auto’s team visited some of the sites where these systems were operating, we assisted to engage the vendors and drove the costs down below our previous benchmarks. Shoretel emerged as the preferred vendor and the Gillrie Institute advised on negotiating special addenda to the standard vendor contracts that offered exceptional protection to the client over the full term, including a full one year warranty and free remote adds, moves and changes.

What we achieved:

After considerable consultation with our team, the dealer client chose a Shoretel on-premises IP PBX system through a regional channeling partner who provided local support and quick on-site service to minimize downtime. The entire telephony platform is now fully upgraded to VoIP. The benefits of easy scalability for future growth, advanced call recording and IP endpoints that allow for easy upgrades to advanced future technology, all exist in a extremely reliable distributed architecture environment with additional redundancy.

In summary, our client has state-of-the-art technology that will serve them with increased efficiency for many years to come – all while significantly reducing their costs.