Project Description

Kelly Automotive Group – Routine Reviews Yielded Extraordinary Results: Monitoring DMS Bills

The Situation:

This group in Pennsylvania had previously signed an agreement for DMS services with ADP after using our services. The Gillrie Institute assisted the Kelly Automotive Group in signing up for the right products and configuration, negotiating a deal below our fair-market value benchmarks, and protecting this great deal with the right contract terms. One such addendum protected the client from the usual routine annual price increases.

What we did:

At the Gillrie Institute we do not just help dealers in the moment they select the right technology and sign the contracts, but we also stay with our dealers for the term of the agreement we helped negotiate in order to police the service contracts. This includes monitoring the bills on a regular basis to ensure the technology vendors honor the agreements. For that purpose we encourage our clients to submit their bills for DMS, CRM, Phone System and other technology regularly for analysis. In the case of the Kelly Auto Group our review of the ADP invoice revealed that the current billing was out of line when compared to the original deal. The vendor had assessed compounding price increases each year in violation of the agreement.

What we achieved:

The Gillrie team immediately identified about $45,000.00 in overbilling as a result. When we advised the ADP VP of our findings, an immediate credit was issued and our client was protected. The Gillrie Institute always keeps “our skin in the game” by staying with our clients for the entire term of any contract that we negotiate. This provides our dealers with the highest value for their money.