Project Description

Gulf Chrysler Dodge Jeep – Decreased Technology Costs And Improved Disaster Recovery Management: Switching to an SaaS DMS Vendor

The Situation:

The team of Gulf Chrysler Dodge Jeep did what many dealers do after going through the initial and painful process of selecting a Dealership Management System: they renewed the contract to avoid major changes and additional training for a new system. However, what had been fine and working efficiently at the beginning, turned into a partial disconnect between technology and the actual dealership processes after years of renewing with the then-current DMS vendor. The existing DMS solution at this time just did not keep up with the latest trends and developments. Additionally the DMS depended on a maxed-out onsite server that not only did not serve the needs of this fast-growing enterprise, but also left the coastal store vulnerable to the vagaries of the severe weather in this hurricane-prone Gulf of Mexico location. These circumstances and the fact that the dealer was overpaying for the existing DMS led to the dealer team’s decision to act quickly.

What we did:

To ensure that all the concerns were addressed, we established a competitive environment that invited proposals from the existing 1st tier DMS vendor and three other DMS service providers. Throughout the multiple demos, the Gillrie Institute provided consistent analysis and guidance that ensured that the dealership stakeholders had the information and tools they needed to evaluate the range of offerings and make an informed decision. The search centered on ASP (Application Service Provider) and SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions that provided the redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities the site demanded. The choices were refined and negotiations started immediately. After several rounds of negotiations, in partnership with the dealer, we achieved our goals for our client and we scheduled and assisted with the installation of a new Dealership Management System.

What we achieved:

In the end, the best solution for this client was the Dealertrack DMS with a full SaaS web-based system. Not only did we reduce the dealer’s costs dramatically, but also new efficiencies became a reality. In the same context our dealer was able to now seamlessly integrate third party applications and services with its new DMS platform and therefore improve much-needed data extraction and accuracy (e.g. Higher Gear CRM). Gulf Chrysler Dodge Jeep, further, achieved their goals of enhanced data security, recovery and downtime caused by hurricanes and other natural causes.