Project Description

Bowman Chevrolet / Sellers Auto Group – Improved Customer Engagement: Upgrading to an Independent Automotive CRM System

The Situation:

The merger of two existing dealerships groups uncovered a problem; in that they had previously relied on incompatible platforms of CRM solutions, one from a DMS vendor and one from an independent CRM service provider. The already-existing CRM system provided by the DMS vendor had been sold with a long-term contract that did not allow for the flexibility to respond quickly to changes in the markets or the ability to switch to an emerging, more advanced solution. An independent CRM platform with much shorter term was the obvious preference.

In addition the client needed to update the CRM’s functionality. The new system had to seamlessly integrate leads from OEMs and Internet aggregators, allow the sales management team to monitor the sales process and web traffic more effectively, increase internal communication and opportunity management with real-time information and daily work plans, and provide the capability to create cross-channel sales and service campaigns, especially those that employed an equity mining tool.

The goal was also to address a common pain point in the automotive dealer industry: reduce the amount of third party vendors for supplementary front-end solutions and data extraction points. The dealer needed a one-stop-shop CRM system with website services and PBX phone integration.

What we did:

To assist our client’s search, the Gillrie Institute provided evaluations of a set of multiple independent CRM vendors providing month-to-month contracts. In concert with Bowman/Sellers, we identified the dealer’s needs and converged on a CRM vendor that provided real-time and bi-directional integration with a leading DMS vendor, a full suite of front-end applications including the requested cross-channel communication capability, data and equity mining service, websites for group and individual brands, Desking user interface with lease rates and residuals integration, PBX phone integration, and inventory merchandising.

What we achieved:

VinSolutions emerged as the preferred vendor that met all the dealer’s criteria and the client asked the Gillrie Institute with conducting the negotiations on their behalf. Overall we helped the dealer move to a unified CRM and Front-End Business Suite for all stores. We were able to replace several third party providers and simplify the points of integration. Based on our unique Gillrie benchmarks we negotiated exceptional pricing and contract terms. Furthermore we negotiated favorable addenda that included additional confidentiality to protect our dealer’s data and ensured compliance in accordance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.