<strong>Paul Gillrie</strong>
Paul GillrieFounder

Paul founded the Gillrie Institute in 1992. Acclaimed as an auto dealer advocate and seminar speaker, Paul Gillrie is a favorite at local and national conferences. He has long served a diverse client base of dealers, CPA firms and attorneys. His unbiased reviews of the latest products from vendors have made Paul “the” authority on dealer technology and cost reduction. Gillrie was the Director of Training for a Dealer Management System (DMS) industry giant for fifteen years. To date, he and his team have assisted over 7,000 car dealers and groups in successful negotiations to purchase or update their systems. Besides helping dealers negotiate with confidence, Paul enjoys spending time with his family and 15 grandchildren. If he is not busy with taking care of his cattle and horse ranch, he loves to take off in his Cessna and soar above Florida’s beautiful scenery.

<strong>John Darmento</strong>
John DarmentoDirector

John is uniquely qualified for his work with the Gillrie Institute’s auto dealer clients. He came to the institute in 2003 after twenty-five years in the retail automobile business where as a General Manager and Managing Partner he operated several large and successful dealerships. Later, John consulted for other dealers who sought out his expertise to refine their processes and enhance their profitability. His formal education includes a Bachelors Degree from St. John’s University and a Masters Degree from Columbia University, both in New York.


<strong>Stefan Drechsel</strong>
Stefan DrechselMarketing Director
Stefan has extensive experience in marketing management. With his expertise in technology and service marketing he helped us launch our new Phone System, CRM, and Third Party Consulting services. Stefan also manages our Gillrie seminars and market research projects. He just initiated the biggest satisfaction survey about dealership phones that has ever been done. He also recently wrote the NADA guide to CRM. Stefan graduated from the University of Tampa with an MBA in Marketing. He holds another Masters degree in Finance/Banking and has a natural affinity to financial analyses. Stefan lives in Tampa and enjoys fitness, running, and basketball.