Dealer Events in 2018 Worth Attending

As the Automotive industry reaches an inflection point of disruptive innovation through ride-sharing concepts, Electric Vehicles, Autonomous Vehicles and future underground tunnels, it is crucial for dealers to actively seek out information that will [...]

Dangerous Assumptions Auto Dealers Make About Technology

Some common but dangerous assumptions auto dealers make about technology decisions and why you should avoid them. Behold, the Deadly Dozen! Bad Idea #1: “These vendor contracts are all the same - I just signed it” [...]

Network & Phone Jargons – Simplified

Many of us struggle with technical jargons in our everyday interaction with technology at work or home, no matter how tech savvy. This is especially challenging for business owners who are at the forefront of [...]

SD-WAN: Why Dealers Need To Make A Switch

What is SD-WAN? SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networks) is an application of SDN (Software Defined Networking). SD-WAN is used for connecting enterprise networks including multiple locations and data centers, separated by geographical distances through the [...]

Equifax Data Breach: How will it affect your dealership?

As most people have already heard, Equifax had a security breach that could potentially affect over 143 million Americans. This was an error on the part of Equifax for not installing a security fix that [...]

Gillrie Institute: 25 Years of Serving Car and Truck Dealers

2017 marks 25 years of Gillrie Institute. Since our inception in 1992 we have helped over 7,000 car and truck dealers to ‘negotiate with confidence’ for their next automotive technology agreement. As the nation’s leading [...]

Gillrie Institute Infograph: Technology In Service Department

  A new survey by the Gillrie Institute 'Technology in Service Department' ranks ‘Service’ the most important area for dealership success far above New and Used Car business. Almost 9 out of 10 responding [...]

2017 Dealer Survey: Technology in the Service Department

Research plays a major role in our mission to help dealers negotiate with confidence for their next dealership technology contract. Our goal is to provide dealers with advice they can use in the selection process [...]

Avoid Bad Choices in This Telephone Market Shake-Up

If you thought the segment for Dealer Management Systems (DMS) was going through some turmoil, you will be shocked to hear that it pales by comparison to the shake-up in the market for business telephones [...]

Gillrie Institute releases 2017 Dealer-Only Survey Results about Dealership Technology in the Service Drive

July, 2017 – A new survey by the Gillrie Institute ranks ‘Service’ as the most important area for dealership success far above New and Used Car business. Almost 9 out of 10 responding dealers anticipate [...]