Here are some of our projects and what dealers say about our work. We can help our clients to eliminate a wide array of pain points: from tough vendor negotiations for DMS, CRM and Phone systems, diverse technology add-ons or maintenance cancellations during the term, complex re-negotiations in buy/sell situations, to fabricated invoicing. We get it done!

The best money I ever spent was with the Gillrie Institute. Any dealer attempting to do this alone is just plain crazy! The Gillrie Institute brings things to the table that no one else can. Not only do they make sure that you get the system at the right price, but they protect you from buying too much or too little. The right price, the right configuration and they make the process shorter and more enjoyable.
 When did you ever hear any one say that? What the hell more could you ask for?
D. G., California
We were in need of a new computer system, before going into negotiations we hired the Gillrie Institute. The Gillrie Institute gave us step by step instructions not only on the hardware, but our monthlies are less than before on a new system, the addendums the Gillrie Institute provided solved many of the problems dealers have with contractual issues, and we saved a lot of money.
J. M., Washington
We are very happy with the services provided. Not only did we get a great deal but we were educated on how the process works, made aware of possible pitfalls and got off to a great start with our new vendor. We will continue to use you as a resource during the installation and beyond…
W. B., Georgia
Knowledge is Power… helped me save over $ 200,000 and it was fun!
M. B., California
I went into every vendor meeting knowing what to do. I was in control. Saved a fortune!
J. S., New York
This was the easiest negotiation ever! I just did what Paul said to do and the prices kept falling. I know I got the best deal this time.
C. C., Missouri
Paul Gillrie is a pit bull in how he goes after these computer companies. Great to work with Paul. Saved me at least $40,000 on a new system but more importantly he showed us how to cut our monthlies almost by HALF. I highly recommend the Gillrie Institute to anyone with a need.
T. W., Illinois
This is the 2nd time you saved me a tremendous amount of money. I really appreciate the attentive follow up. I would never buy a computer without you guys.
T. S., Utah
There were so many things coming down the pipe and it was difficult to get my arms around it all. The info you gave us, knowing what we knew from you, gave us leverage we would never have had.
L. T., Florida