Cox Automotive vs. CDK Global vs. R&R

Download our Infograph 'Cox Automotive vs. CDK Global vs. R&R' for FREE!   When it comes to Automotive Technology, most dealers automatically think of CDK Global or R&R as the market leaders in automotive technology.  First of all, both vendors supply mission-critical software for a dealership - Dealer Management Systems (DMS).  And secondly, both vendors [...]

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The Real Costs of Overpaying for Technology

Just glance at your monthly financial statement. You know that almost everything you need to know about your store is right there but sometimes it’s easy to overlook some important details. It’s always the right time to remind ourselves of the business basics and the real costs of overpaying for technology. Our intuition tells [...]

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5 Focus Points of Data Security for Dealers

Many a dealer has had sleepless nights thinking about the security of his data. Running a dealership with a technologically current, efficient Dealer Management System (DMS) or Customer Relations Management (CRM) system while still protecting sensitive data can be quite a balancing act. CDK’s recent announcement of their SecurityFirst initiative has once again focused [...]

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5 Dealership Technology Projects for 2019

2016 is only 20 days young and dealers and yet dealers are already planning for expenses and allocating resources for the rest of year. As a major facilitator of sales and business success and one of a dealer’s major expenses, dealership technology has always been a priority in budgeting. Here are 5 technology projects [...]

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NADA CRM Guide for Dealers

A Dealer Guide to Automotive CRM Car and truck dealers but also Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) need integrated automotive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Internet Lead Management (ILM) platforms. These are systems that are capable of managing customers and prospects across communication channels including showroom, telephony, and online presence. Dealers face tough choices when [...]

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5 Ways to Increase Dealer Seminar Attendance

Since the Gillrie Institute was founded 23 years ago, Paul Gillrie and his team have appeared at over 500 dealer seminars and other related events. Among these are executive workshops, auto and truck dealer seminars, and webinar training sessions for NADA-ATD and NCM 20 Groups, ADA’s, AICPA, NIADA, DealersEdge, as well as events for large [...]

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Automotive CRM Systems and Vendors

  This is a list of Automotive Customer Relationship Management and Automotive CRM Vendors. All of these providers offer Internet Lead Management (ILM) functionality as well.  The list does not include all the solutions that are available in today’s market. However we have listed the vendors that we see most frequently in that approximate [...]

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2015 NADA-ATD Convention top tech take aways

    CDK Global Shows Enhancements: CDK, formerly known as ADP Dealer Services, introduced over 100 enhancements and options to the CDK Drive DMS suite at this year's NADA. The most popular items from our perspective were the CDK New Car IQ service, which is created to help dealers move not just Used but especially [...]

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CATA Recommends the Gillrie Institute for Dealership Technology Negotiations

The Gillrie Institute announced today its endorsement by the Chicago Automobile Trade Association (CATA) Recommended Consultants Program as one of only two initial partners. The program was established in 2014 to provide the CATA members with access to recognized organizations that have a proven track record of helping dealers in areas of the business that [...]

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DMS Vendors One Shop vs Small Vendor and 3rd Party Vendors

 The New Battleground A Quick Disclaimer:  At The Gillrie Institute, we don’t have a dog in this fight. We are not affected by the outcome. Only our dealers are and this article is in response to our client’s voiced concerns. At the Gillrie Institute, we do not have any financial connection to any vendor, large [...]

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