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Most-trusted dealership technology advisor in North America.

With over 7,000 dealer partners and counting, the Gillrie Institute is the nation’s #1 consultant and advocate for automobile and truck dealers in their quest to reduce dealership technology expenses and get the right solutions for the best possible price and terms. Simply put, we help dealers negotiate with confidence!

Dealer Partners & Counting
Benchmarks from 300+ Vendors
Insightful Seminars Given
Years of Dealership Experience 


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Why Choose Gillrie

  • We are the nation’s leading dealership technology consultant.
  • Our scrupulous independence ensures best discounts and terms.
  • Our unique benchmarks show what other dealers are paying for technology.
  • Our systematic approach uncovers hidden costs.
  • Our proven method delivers reliable advice that dealers can actually use.
  • As a true dealer partner we guarantee satisfaction.
  • Our unbiased research gives our dealers a clear advantage.
  • We can advise from behind the scenes or negotiate for our dealers.

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